harvest day parade!

Our school will be participating in the Harvest Day Parade this year!
It will be the morning of Saturday, July 18th.

Please plan to escort your own kids or arrange for another adult to be
responsible for them. You are also responsible for supplying your
kids’ modes of transportation be it bike, trike, scooter or wagon.
Just remember that if they are riding they need to wear helmets! And
remember to wear your Columbia Kids and Sprouting Seeds T-shirts!

We will gather at the Battle Ground High School Parking Lot between 8:30 and 9:15
am. The parade starts at 10 am. We are spot # 10. Look for our school

“Technically” no one is suppose to be admitted to the assembly area
after 8:30 am; however the Chamber has given us some extra wiggle
room time since we have small children. And in the past no one has
had any trouble getting in before the parade started. If you do have
any trouble getting in after 8:30 – try getting in from around the
back – off of Parkway and 3rd. Plan to park at another site than
the assembly area and walk in.

I will be looking for a few volunteers that morning: two parents to
carry the school banner; and four parents or Seed’s students to help
distribute the Seed Packets we’ll be giving away. As an FYI I will be
bringing up the rear of our group during the parade.

Here are a few ideas to make the experience more pleasant for you and
your family…

• Please bring décor for your kids’ mode of transportation if they’d
like that –e.g. balloons, streamers. There will be a few more of these
items there when we meet up in the staging area that morning. One idea
for Seeds kids is to bring the rain sticks they made.
• Don’t forget to bring water, snacks, and sunscreen for your family.

Hope to see everyone!

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